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Schrage Conveying Systems


Schrage tube chain conveyors are conveyor systems
for a wide variety of industries. It is possible to transport
abrasive, toxic, explosive, or adhesive bulk material or
even materials with high temperatures.
The tube conveyor is available in different designs:
horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or a combination thereof
and in five different sizes: 115, 135, 160, 200, and 270.
It is in this way that the layout, speed, and materials
can be optimally adjusted to suit your bulk material.
The conveyor system transports bulk material with
grain sizes of up to 100 mm, a bulk density of up to
7 t/m³ or more, and flow rates of up to 80 m³/h.
The maximum size per leg is 60 m horizontally or 40 m
The advantages of the modular chain conveyors are
their flexibility and nearly unlimited application
possibilities, such as easy vertical conveyance, multiple
inlets and outlets, or the conveyance of bulk materials
in two directions simultaneously.