Rotary valves for Aquafeed – Solids Rotterdam

Rotary valves for Aquafeed


This well-known supplier for marine equipment is based in the heart of the harsh and demanding environment of the North Atlantic. They take advantage of this unique situation to make some of the world’s best products for the aquaculture industry. When designing their custom made feeding barges for fish farming, JT electric use TBMA rotary valves for the dosing and transport of the fish food.

With the increasing growth of saltwater fish farms, the demand for automatic feeding systems is also increasing. The expensive high-quality feed must end up in the water undamaged. Every single pellet must be handled gently to avoid breakage and crumbling. Therefore, the TBMA HGRD200 blow-through valves are equipped with an adapted rotor, ensuring that the product is transported and dosed with minimal damage. The valves give high value for money and are of a robust and reliable design. Moreover, the easy demountable execution guarantees quick (dis)assembly and easy maintenance.

“We use TBMA rotary valves because the tests we performed on the valves proved them to be of good quality. Also we appreciate the cooperation with the dedicated and skilled TBMA sales team. In the process from the first contact, our relationship with TBMA has grown stronger and closer”, states Ólavur Thomsen, Project Manager at JT electric.