Partnership Oniks sprl and KEMP B.V. – Solids Rotterdam

Partnership Oniks sprl and KEMP B.V.


KEMP was looking for a partner for Wallonia and Luxembourg. The company Oniks has been a customer of KEMP for a number of years and supplies MBA sensors to its customers. In view of the already pleasant relationship between KEMP and Oniks, Frans Kruse (KEMP B.V.) approached Ibrahim Disli (Oniks sprl) about this and both have reached an agreement.
After his job at VEGA, Ibrahim set up his own company in 2013 focused on the industry and especially in the field of sensors. MBA sensors fit perfectly into the current Oniks package.
In addition to sensors, Oniks is strong in supplying metal detection systems from the Medetec brand. Not only will Oniks be committed to selling MBA sensors, KEMP will also actively promote the metal detection system Medetec in the Netherlands.