INADCO grows together with its market – Solids Rotterdam

INADCO grows together with its market


In the year 2000, INADCO entered the Horticultural industry and nowadays INADCO has become the leading player for measuring equipment in this sector for many years.
The first step was the introduction in 2000 of a fully automatic system to measure the bulk density of substrates and potting soils.
Because these are traded in volume, there were often discussions about whether the supplier had brought the right amount of substrate/potting soil to the customer, because substrate/potting soil can settle very easily. The fully automatic measuring system developed by INADCO for this purpose (bulk density meter inline) is currently used throughout Europe during the production and trade of substrates and potting soils. But for INADCO it didn’t stop there. With the success of the Bulk Density Meter, another issue came up, the moisture content in the substrate/potting soil. Good moisture management ensures that nutrients are released in balance during cultivation.
Within the industry, all available techniques had already been tested without sufficient positive results. INADCO took up the challenge here as well, which resulted in an addition to the existing Bulk Density Meter with a newly developed integrated moisture meter.

Thanks to years of experience, INADCO is not only a supplier for measuring equipment, but also provides advice on questions about the production process.

With additional additions to the Bulk Density Meter, special weighing belts (for very light products), dosing systems for filling BigBales or BigBags and the latest innovation in volume scanning with the Cross Scanner during the manufacturing process, INADCO continues to expand its product range and services in an industry in which quality requirements for the substrate/potting soil are increasing due to ongoing robotization, more recipes are used and this has to do with increasingly low-grade raw materials as alternatives to the use of peat.