Hosokawa Micron’s ‘total solution’ approach for batch mixing systems – Solids Rotterdam

Hosokawa Micron’s ‘total solution’ approach for batch mixing systems


Hosokawa Micron B.V. has a strong worldwide reputation as an expert in the core powder-processing technologies of mixing, drying and agglomeration, and has increasingly evolved from a machine builder into a developer of turnkey solutions in all three of these areas. In recent years, we’ve spotted new opportunities and have increasingly been developing complete systems – with our mixing technology at the heart of them – to solve customers’ broader mixing-related problems.”
Several factors are contributing to this shift in demand. “One aspect is investment risk; investors want certainty that the solution will solve the problem as promised. The project concept must be optimal in terms of output, uptime and ROI,” he explains. “Therefore, companies are looking for experienced and dependable suppliers who won’t let them down. At Hosokawa, we deliver predefined performance at a predefined price.” Stefan van Rienen, System Engineer at Hosokawa, adds: “Many customers have decided to focus on their core business and no longer have their own engineering or project management departments, so we’re increasingly fulfilling that role.