Hethon Basic Feeder – Solids Rotterdam

Hethon Basic Feeder


Hethon Flexible Wall Feeders are exceptionally suitable for difficult to dose powders.
Practice shows that our customers do not always have to deal with difficult to dose powders. If things can be easy why make them complicated?

That’s why we expanded our product range with the so-called Hethon Basic Feeder. The screws are interchangeable 1 on 1, so in a project both Feeder types can be used side by side. And that gives more options! An economical choice with the same benefits as the Flexible Wall Feeder:

* Minimum power consumption
* Easy to clean components
* Low maintenance due to low wearing parts
* Very few contact parts
* Remunerative in price
* Screws are interchangeable with the Flexible Wall Feeder from 13 to
with 58 mm
* Extension hopper interchangeable with the Flexible Wall Feeder
* Very strong frame
* Accurate dosing with weighing and control possible
* With this Basic Feeder you can dose up to 820 liters per hour

Come see the Hehton Feeders at stand G116!