DMN-WESTINGHOUSE Single Pipe Plug Diverter range extended with smaller sizes – Solids Rotterdam

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE Single Pipe Plug Diverter range extended with smaller sizes


The SPTD plug diverter has a single straight pipe and has been available in 6 sizes from 150 mm (6”) up to 400 mm (16”). To meet customers’ needs for smaller sizes, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has recently extended the range with the SPTDS, available in 5 sizes from 50 mm up to 125 mm.

The SPTD(S) straight pipe diverter is very suitable for applications in the food, pet food, plastics and petrochemical industries. The design of the SPTD(S) plug diverter conforms to all current legislation regarding safety in the workplace. Consequently there are no moving parts on the outside. The SPTD(S) has been designed to be user friendly, pressure shock resistant and with standard static seals suitable for pressures up to 3 bar g. All sizes are optionally available with inflatable seals.

The DMN-WESTINGHOUSE SPTD(S) has been specially designed to route powders and pellets with minimum degradation in pneumatic conveying systems. A smooth passage of product is guaranteed by precision machining, very effective sealing and a complete obstruction free passage. The user friendly fool proof design enables fast in situ internal examination, cleaning and, if necessary, replacement of seals.

The SPTD(S) plug diverter consists of an aluminium housing and end covers in which a plug with a single straight pipe is installed. All product contact surfaces are made from stainless steel AISI 316. Optionally the product contact parts can be anodized aluminium. Two FDA approved silicone seals guarantee the sealing between housing and plug. The body is pressure tight, so ensuring no leakage to atmosphere. The plug diverter can be used for product temperatures ranging from -25 °C up to +80 °C at ambient temperatures of -10 °C up to +40 °C.