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Conical mixer for particularly fast batch changes


Modern crop protection chemicals are the results of many successive stages of synthesis. Finally they are processed in high-performance powder mixers and then filled and packed. The active ingredients are of a high purity and are present in an extremely high concentration. Against this background the user’s requirement characteristics are roughly as follows :

• ideal mixture qualities and micro-fine deagglomeration
• short mixing times
• easily controllable energy input for the retention of the formulations obtained from the compaction process
• high-level discharge ability, in the ideal case up to 100%
• usability for varying filling levels from 10 to 100%, taking into consideration that some
• components are ground micro-fine in the air-jet mill and are strongly fluidised
• hygienic apparatus design with regard to regularly performed wet cleaning
• gastight execution, suitable for over-pressure
• Atex conformity
• compact, space-saving design

There are tendencies in the industry to carry out such preparation steps in smaller batches with a substantially shortened mixing time. amixon GmbH has defined the resulting requirements for the mixer as a development task and has created a new mixing system on the basis of the amixon® mixing technology with helical mixing tools. These mixers are available in single- and twin-shaft versions. Despite low rotational speeds the mixing tools achieve ideal mixing qualities within just 20 to 60 seconds. Rotationally symmetrical closing elements lower a few centimetres and allow complete discharge within a few seconds. This makes it possible to homogenise large volumetric flows with small mixers.