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Competitive advantages with Gericke GMS C Mixer


Extremely high mixing quality for micro components, short mixing time and very easy cleaning process. These three features characterise the new revised type series of Gericke GMS mixer. This is Gericke’s answer to the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where hygiene demands have become more and more stringent and product quality is of utmost importance.

GMS stands for Gericke Multiflux® mixer. In the Version GMS C The mixing tools are cantilevered. Thanks to this feature, the front of the mixer can be opened up completely for cleaning purposes. The Gericke GMS C mixers is the only twin rotor mixer available on the market with this feature.

Easy to clean
In the case of the GMS ECD version (Extractable Cantilevered Drive) the whole drive unit, including mixing rotors, can be extracted from the body. Large side doors for cleaning also facilitate cleaning of the inside of the body. The cantilevered construction means that the number of seals in contact with product has been halved. All these points mean that inspection, disassembly and cleaning of the GMS C mixers require far less time and effort than other systems. No compromises have to be made in connection with mixing homogeneity.

Fast and gentle to a high homogeneity
Gericke Multiflux® GMS mixers form a mechanical fluidised bed with two horizontally arranged superimposed mixing tools. That way the mixing process can be carried out very quickly and gently and with high quality results. Gericke Multiflux® mixers permit up to 12 mixing cycles per hour. The Gericke GMS C mixers are available in sizes of 100 to 2000 litres (useable volume) per batch.

Low installation height
Compared to other mixing systems the GMS C also stands out for its low height. Wherever space is at premium, the GMS C mixers offer more possibilities for the complete application design.

Tests can be conducted on original process equipment in our Test Centre. Tests give the certainty that the requested output is achieved in a reliable way. More information can be found under: