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Avoid clogging of the stored material


Standard Industrie International’s innovative solutions help to improve production performance and efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and risks, and ensure a safer working environment.
For example, Standard Industrie’s historic solution, the AIRCHOC® air cannon, has enabled many factories for more than 40 years to avoid clogging of the material stored in their silos, and therefore avoid production stoppages.

With its wide range (tank capacity from 4 litres to 400 litres), this solution can be adapted to many areas of the bulk industry.
After a technical audit, the AIRCHOC® can be placed in different places on storage units for raw materials (sand, flour, wood chips, peat, straw, mulch, etc.).
AIRCHOC® can also be found at the end of the process on fly ash or lime silos.

AIRCHOC® acts preventively on the material thanks to regular programmed firing.
It is an economical solution that uses only air and only when the shots are activated.
The most recent innovation on this equipment is the improvement of the firing triggering system. This improvement makes it possible, for the same cleaning efficiency, to slightly reduce the pressure, the volume of the tank or the frequency of firing. Users thus achieve considerable air consumption in the long term.

Standard Industrie thus meets the twofold challenge of its customers: to maintain a good level of maintenance to guarantee the production flow, while reducing costs as much as possible.

As a curative solution, Standard Industrie International offers the GIRONET, which allows to recover the storage capacity of clogged or congested silos or hoppers. This cleaning service is carried out without human presence inside the storage units, guaranteeing a safe intervention from the top of the silo.