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A solution to prevent filling the wrong silo.


When raw material ends up in the wrong silo, this has major internal consequences.

“A human error in repetitive work is easily made. This also applies to unloading bulk delivery. Necessary documents are checked, samples are taken and the delivery is correct. Everything all right. The driver is given permission to unload. The various silos, shift changes, crowds, language problems, administrative procedures, you have to think of everything in order not to make mistakes. In case it does occur, you also have the problem that people do not (want to) pass it on.” Said Felix de Bever, director of Omnicol NV.

If after examination by the QC it appears that the product does not meet the specifications, then a possible cause is that the supplied raw material has been filled/unloaded into the wrong silo. In that case, the relevant silo will have to be emptied and the material can no longer be used. This not only has a major financial impact, but also creates a huge amount of waste.

We have tackled this problem and in collaboration with the Belgian company Omnicol NV, a specialist in adhesive mortar, we started looking for a suitable solution. During the problem definition, several causes for this problem were discussed, so that the following objectives had to be achieved in order to form a solution.

The new system should ensure that:
– Blowing in the wrong substances is prevented
– Silos are equipped with digital security
– The silo is only unblocked when the delivery note has been verified
– The process is fully automated
– Deliveries can take place 24/7 (autonomous logistics)

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Our blow-in protection will be shown on 6 and 7 October at the Solids Rotterdam fair, Stand F104.